There are real, and known, solutions to reducing human-bear conflict and preventing needless bear deaths. There is no excuse for 36 bears (25 within the City of Durango) being killed in human-caused conflict in 2017  in La Plata County – and that’s where you can help!  Partner with us in preventing something unfortunate – that’s nearly entirely avoidable.

In 2018, we received $400 in support from La Plata County Government, but no funding from the City of Durango or Colorado Parks and Wildlife.  Thus, individual donations are crucial in allowing us to make meaningful change.

And we are making change.  Please consider a contribution to help us achieve even more!

Biggest Need: Allow for us to assist more residents (and keep more bears from harm) with bear deterrents such as electric fencing, unwelcome mats and loaner bear-resistant containers.  Why should you fund something residents should pay for on their own?  Fair question.  Because they’re not  – resulting in avoidable conflict and bears being needlessly killed.  Many times all it takes is a little nudge for residents to prevent creating “nuisance” bears that need to be dealt with.   Not yet funded at $15,000.

Supporters can pledge any amount.  Thank you!



Please make checks and money orders payable to Bear Smart Durango and mail to:

Bear Smart Durango
PO Box 2291
Durango, CO  81302


To make a tax-deductible donation to Bear Smart Durango via credit card you may do so on the Community Foundation Serving SW Colorado website.  Be sure to include a notation indicating that your contribution is for Bear Smart Durango.   View IRS Letter of Determination here.

Bear Smart Durango, under the fiscal sponsorship of the Community Foundation Serving SW Colorado, is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization with the Internal Revenue Service. If you require your donation to be tax-deductible, please make your contribution via the Community Foundation Serving SW Colorado. We cannot continue our efforts in reducing human-bear conflict and helping preserve the safety of both residents and bears without your help. Please consider making a donation to help people live with wildlife.  If you have a specific program in mind for your contribution, please let us know!

“Last year, a neighbor left his garage door open, and the huge huge bear that lives nearby came in for the trash. This bear was never a “nuisance,” the rest of us all have bear-resistant trash cans or never leave trash out. My neighbor shot the bear. Thankfully, we were out of town or I would have ripped him a new one!” —  Florida Road resident

Banner photo of Needham Elementary classroom presentation courtesy of The Durango Herald.