Bear-Resistant Enclosures

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If you can’t keep your trash in a bear-resistant container, residents or businesses can construct enclosures that prevent bears from accessing trash containers, including commercial dumpsters. In short, bear-resistant enclosures house non-bear-resistant trash containers.

The most successful enclosures utilize materials that bears can not bite or claw their way through (metal flanges and hinges, concrete bases or walls) and durable construction lasting many years.

As adding commercial trash enclosures in after the fact can be difficult, and many times due to parking space requirements, including bear-resistant trash enclosures in the planning stages of developments is advised. Photo examples of trash enclosures from other communities.



Manna food refuse enclosure













“If you secure your garbage and remove bird feeders, you have addressed the two temptations that cause the vast majority of bear-human conflicts in New Hampshire.” — New Hampshire Fish and Game Bear Project Leader Andrew Timmins






Banner photo courtesy: The Great Bear Foundation
Trash enclosure photo courtesy: Town of Vail Police Department
Food refuse enclosure at Manna Soup Kitchen courtesy: The Durango Herald