Bear & Trash Roundtables

Summary of Bear & Trash Roundtable meetings

Facilitated by Tami Graham


March 6th, 2003

Purpose of Meeting: 

  • To address the root causes of human-bear conflicts
  • Suggest a management plan to reduce conflicts as well as devise and encourage efforts by the community, governmental agencies, businesses and individuals to reduce conflicts
  • Identify the scope of the issue via a facilitated dialogue with all present

What’s your perspective of the problem?

In what way do you have to deal with it or respond?

Major issues identified:

  • Need for coordinated, consistent and comprehensive education and outreach
  • Need for more complete and coordinated data tracking and gathering related to incidents
  • Need for research of other communities efforts and successes
  • Consider whether more stringent public policy should be advocated for regarding human behavior that is contributing to problems


March 20th, 2003

Purpose of Meeting:

Explore possible formation of Bear & Trash Task Force for our area, including challenges and opportunities in doing so at this time.

Prioritized outcomes/next step action items from meeting:

  • Create a dimension study/statistical gathering apparatus to assess scope of problem. Note: possibly create a questionnaire to be sent w/ utility bills
  • Education Materials/Outreach campaign. Note: research other communities efforts
  • Step-up enforcement of current regulations
  • Discussion of creation of Bear Trash Task Force was tabled. The current group has committed to continuing to meet under the auspices of The Bear & Trash Roundtable with the above prioritized goals


March 18, 2004

Purpose and outcome of meeting:

  • Update on progress of Bear Smart
  • Reports from various agencies on 2003 bear activity