BID encourages bear-proofing of trash

Be “Bear Smart”

The City of Durango’s wildlife ordinance is now in effect, and it states in part that “businesses in Durango … are responsible to ensure that their trash container is secured from bears and wildlife.” Business owners will receive a trash violation notice if their trash is found to be scattered around the grounds, and will be required to acquire additional trash services and pay all applicable fees. The BID encourages businesses to look into upgrading to bear-resistant containers.

To upgrade from 300 gallon to 2 cubic yard bear-resistant container is a $15 per month increase. Businesses already using a 2 cubic yard container, or any size larger, can go “bear-resistant” for only an additional $4 per month. To request a wildlife-resistant trash container for your business, call the City of Durango at 970-375-5004, or your trash service provider. For more information: