Loaner Bear Can Program

Bear Smart Durango began a Loaner Bear Can Program in 2012 by loaning out bear-resistant containers to residents in La Plata County experiencing bear issues involving food foods that attract bears. This program allows community members to check out bear-resistant containers until a more permanent solution can be found.

Various-sized containers are available for loan for trash storage and to store backyard attractants such as livestock feed, pet food or ripe fruit. Community members are able to purchase the containers at anytime and program donations are used to purchase additional containers for loan to others in need in the community.  Participants are asked to make a donation of what one can afford. ($10-$20 is typical).

Much thanks to The Summerlee Foundation, La Plata Electric Association and Red Willow Production Company for major program funding and to Phoenix Recycling, Kodiak Products and Cascade Designs for donating containers towards this program! And thanks to La Plata County Government for allowing us to store containers at the fairgrounds.



“The Bear Smart program this year for Durango West #1 was great. We normally have a lot of bear issues here and this year it was minimal. By providing loaner bear-resistant trash containers to residents it helped deter the bears from coming into our subdivision. La Plata County has a lot of bear issues. This program is teaching people how to remove human foods that attract bears to the area. We thank Bear Smart Durango and Colorado Parks and Wildlife for choosing Durango West #1 for their program.”  –  Kathy Phelps, Durango West Metropolitan District No. 1



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Thank you to our program supporters!



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