Who To Call About Bears











Report potentially dangerous bears or bears causing property damage
To protect public safety and prevent property damage, wildlife officials need to know – immediately – about aggressive or potentially dangerous bears so unwanted behavior can be addressed before it escalates further. This includes, for example, bears on decks, killing chickens, knocking down bird feeders, lingering on your property or entering an open garage.

  • Colorado Parks and Wildlife  |  970-247-0855 or 911












To report bear sightings or bears passing through, contact:

  • Colorado Parks and Wildlife  |  970-247-0855
  • Bear Smart Durango  |   Report a Bear Sighting   |   970-749-4262

REMEMBER: A bear has to be doing something negative to warrant being captured. Simple bear sightings such as a bear seen or a bear passing thru does not warrant a management response, so please report bear sightings – to someone.