Event: Bear-Safe Chicken and Livestock Feed Storage!

Bear-Safe Chicken and Livestock Feed Storage!

Do you have chickens or livestock? Are you looking for an affordable way to keep feed away from bears and other critters? Bear Smart Durango has a number of 65-gallon bear-resistant containers that we are making available to the general public for secure storage of chicken, livestock and pet feed, harvested fruit, compost and more.

Unsecured chicken and livestock feed can oftentimes lead to human-bear conflict and few affordable options exist locally for safely storing feed. We will be making these bear-resistant containers available on Sunday, July 19 from 4pm to 6pm in the parking lot of Lewis True Value Mercantile, 311 Bayfield Center Drive, in Bayfield. 

The formerly City of Durango bear-resistant trash containers are used and are being offered as is. They will be available on a first-come, first-served basis and all we ask is a $50 donation to Bear Smart Durango. It is intended they not be used for storing trash as other options are available for that purpose. Limit is two containers per household.

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