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Neighborhood Connection Program
In 2012, Bear Smart Durango began a Neighborhood Connection Program in La Plata County. This program allows county residents in select areas to check out electric fencing materials and bear-resistant containers for free for managing backyard attractants such as trash, grains, pet food, chickens and fruit. Community members would be able to purchase the containers at anytime and program donations would be used to purchase additional containers.

In 2013, we received $5,000 in funding from the LPEA Board towards the program total budget of $13,300. Thank you, LPEA!








• Major (Brown Bear) Sponsors of the Neighborhood Connection Program will be recognized via decals on all bear-resistant containers distributed and in all printed outreach materials.

Grizzly Bear Supporters of the Neighborhood Connection Program will be recognized via decal on one container placed in the community.




Bear-Resistant Trash Containers for City Parks  Program
Based on similar “Adopt-A-Dumpster” Programs elsewhere, funds will be used to purchase user-friendly, handicap-accessible, all-metal bear-resistant trash containers for placement in city of Durango parks and open spaces. Another component of the program will be modifying dumpsters that are close to being, but not truly, bear-resistant.

• Major Sponsors will be recognized via decals on all bear-resistant trash containers distributed or modified and in all printed outreach materials.




Additional Bear Smart Programs & Outreach

• Spring Bear Wake-Up Social
• Be Bear Smart Week

Outreach Programs
• Bear Smart Newspaper Columns
• Spring and Fall Bear Hikes
• Fruit Tree Gleaning Outreach
• Electric Fencing Outreach
• New Homebuyers Outreach
• Community, Civic Group and HOA Presentations
• Educating Policy Makers
• I’m a Bear Smart Kid! Schools Program
• Special Events Booth
• Fort Lewis College Outreach
• Media and Social Media Outreach
• Landowner Conflict Assistance

Bear Activity Monitoring
• A.M. Trash Monitoring And Reporting
• Bear Sightings & Incident Mapping
• Remote Camera Project

Special Projects
• Bear Working Group


• Major (Brown Bear) Sponsors will be recognized as major sponsors of all Bear Smart outreach programs.

• Grizzly Bear Supporters will receive special recognition in support of all Bear Smart outreach programs.