Fruit Trees for Harvest

In partnership with Healthy Community Food Systems, FLC Environmental Center and Colorado State University (CSU) Extension, Bear Smart Durango has established a Fruit Gleaning Hub, an online Bulletin Board that allows residents to list trees available for gleaning (harvesting) and connects residents desiring fruit with those having fruit available for harvesting. Let’s work together to feed community members instead of bears! Go here to list your tree/s available for harvesting.


2017 Fruit Gleaning Program

NOTE: Preferred method of contact is listed first.

Due to numerous freezes during the months of April and May, the tree fruit production was significantly diminished. Unfortunately, we don’t expect very many trees on this page this year. But keep checking, just in case!

Please email after fruit has been harvested.  Thanks!  


Date Name Location Type of Tree # of Tree/s Contact Info


NOTE: “Vendors are listed as a service to clientele.  Parties involved do not guarantee nor warrant the standard of any vendor’s product, nor does it imply approval of the product to the exclusion of others which also may be available, nor does it intend discrimination or criticism of products or providers that are mentioned or not mentioned. In addition, we assume no liability for harvesting or use of vendors’ product.”