Missoula ordinance: Electric fencing for bears

Missoula, Montana city ordinance: Electric fencing for bears



Electric fences for deterring bears from apiaries (beehives), fruit trees, gardens, livestock pens, rabbit hutches, garbage containers, dog kennels, chicken coops, compost piles, storage sheds, and other uses may be permitted:

  • with approval of the Development Services Director in the Bear Buffer Zone as shown in Appendix A of Missoula City Resolution #7503, or
  • on a parcel where a documented incident has occurred involving a bear on the property.

The fence must enclose the minimum area necessary to protect the use. Electric fences may not be erected along or adjacent to any street, alley, sidewalk, or other public right-of-way or public property or along any dividing line between separate pieces, parcels, or lots of land.

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks’ publication Deterring Bears with Electrified Fencing: A starter’s guide is a resource for design and specifications.

Read the ordinance here.




Photo courtesy: Erin Edge, Defenders of Wildlife, Missoula, Montana