Special Projects


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Compiling Bear Photos
Bear Smart Durango has solicited and compiled photos of bears taken by residents since its inception in 2003. In 2012, 58 residents emailed 230 photos of bears, bears in yards and trash, property damage, fruit tree damage, electric fencing for chicken coops and bear-strewn trash. Go here for residents photos of bears.













Kroegers Bear Paws
Kroegers Ace Hardware hosts an annual “Bear Paws” fundraiser event for the duration of August as a benefit for Bear Smart Durango, where $1 and $5 printed “bear paws” are available for purchase from cashiers. Although the main intent of this program is as a fundraiser for the organization, there is a strong educational component as well, including an example and instructions for making unwelcome mats and fliers informing city and county residents on local resources for obtaining bear-resistant trash containers including costs and contact information. This is a much-needed boost in the arm for us, so please buy away!