Voices in Support

Educating local residents about the importance of reducing wildlife interactions, especially those with bears, is critical in an area such as ours. Bear Smart Durango fills that need, and with limited resources, does an amazing job at doing so. – Darrin Parmenter, CSU Extension Office


“Without the hard work of Bear Smart Durango, it seems as though no one would be working on behalf of these beautiful creatures. More than ever, we all need to support their amazing work, since it is the clearest and most competent voice on this issue.” – Claire Ninde, City of Durango Resident


Bear Smart Durango is the best example of a grassroots essential in our community. We should have a small local tax to support them.  We have water districts and school districts. Meanwhile we also live in a bear district! – Beth Lamberson, Lamberson Capital


“Bear Smart Durango provides a valuable service through its education and monitoring efforts. Public education efforts must be ongoing and they are dedicated to that effort. Please, consider providing support for the work performed by Bear Smart Durango.” – Joe Lewandowski, Colorado Parks and Wildlife


Bear Smart Durango is doing good things for bears and there will be significant benefit to all urbanized wildlife.  I strongly support their continuing efforts, and hope that you find theirs a worthwhile funding opportunity as their program has high potential to benefit the members of our community.   – Ed Zink, Durango Rancher and Business Owner


“Thank you Bear Smart Durango for taking the time to lessen the impacts of bear and people interaction.  I believe the vigilance you’ve provided in developing education for the public on bear activity in our community and programs such as the Fruit Gleaning Program has made a significant difference in how people perceive bears in Durango.” – Ron Stoner, City of Durango Arborist


“In a time when human and bear populations are clashing on a number of challenging levels, Bear Smart Durango is the town-crier alerting us to the need to provide a safe environment for both bears and humans. Listening to what they have to say is simply the smart and progressive thing to do.”  — Diana Doan-Crider, International Bear Association, Human-Bear Conflict Expert Team Member


“I contributed to Bear Smart Durango at the end of 2017 after seeing the article in The Durango Herald about the record number of bears killed that year.  It was just appalling to hear and see what’s happening to these magnificent animals as they try to survive.  I contacted the organization and, after some discussion, realized I could do something really meaningful to help.” —  Todd Johnson, Durango Resident