Temporary Trash Storage



Any sturdy, durable, closed and locked metal or heavy-duty plastic container can be used to store trash until they can be properly disposed of or picked up by a trash hauler. You would need to transfer the contents to your regular trash container for collection, so using a heavy duty trash bag is recommended. Some options for temporary trash storage containers include: 55-gallon steel drums with rings to lock the lids, screw on lid bear-resistant containers, metal tool, truck and storage boxes or cabinets, ammo boxes, horse and cargo trailers and zircon containers.  Photo examples of temporary trash storage containers.



“Our experience with bear behavior and attacks leads us to speculate that black bears that become increasingly aggressive in going after people’s food or garbage have an increased chance of initiating a serious or fatal attack. People’s unsecured food or garbage is recognized as being a root cause of human–bear conflict.” — Dr. Stephen Herrero, University of Calgary professor emeritus