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Our mission is to foster a better understanding and appreciation of black bears, preserve the well-being of bears by reducing human foods that attract and create "problem" bears in the first place, and reduce human-bear conflict in the greater Durango, Colorado community.

Black Bear in trash dumpster near Durango, CO

"Bear-Proofing" Saves Bears

The most effective means of reducing the availability of human foods to bears is the use of bear-resistant trash containers, which feature sturdy construction and wildlife-resistant latching systems. Passive deterrents (such as electric fencing, unwelcome mats and motion-activated alarms) automatically provide negative feedback to bears. Used in unison with bear-resistant trash containers, you can be bear smart!

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Who We Are & What We Do

Durango residents take pride in living alongside bears and few like to see these remarkable animals destroyed simply because people don't secure human foods. Bear Smart Durango wants to help everyone learn to live responsibly and safely in bear country. We address the root causes of human-bear conflict: namely, the behavior of people – and offers real solutions to reducing human-bear conflict.

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Black Bear in trash dumpster near Durango, CO
Black Bear in tree near Durango, CO BEAR OVERVIEW

Diet, habits, hibernation, cubs, sign, and more

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Black Bear eating pumpkin near Durango, CO HUMAN-BEAR CONFLICT

Changing behavior and reducing attractants

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The key tools for reducing human-bear conflict

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