Black Bear rummaging through unprotected trash in a Durango neighborhood



The La Plata County (LPC) Bear Hotline at (970) 247-BEAR (2327) provides resources to residents and addresses commonly asked questions.

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Damage to a chicken house caused by a black bear near Durango

LPC Bear Hotline: (970) 247-BEAR (2327)

The LPC Bear Hotline allows residents to report bear activity including trash accessed by bears, obtain bear deterrents, scare devices and bear-resistant trash containers, list or find excess fruit via the Good Food Collective, and contact Colorado Parks and Wildlife and Bear Smart Durango.

The hotline allows county residents experiencing human-bear conflict to receive assistance in deterring bears. Mitigation materials including electric unwelcome mats, temporary electric netting, scare devices and bear-resistant containers are available to be loaned out for a period of time. The LPC Bear Hotline is monitored during bear season by the LPC Animal Protection Bear Resource Officer.

Graphical flyer for calling the LPC Bear Hotline